Morningstar Centre For Engagement provides Executive Coaching, Corporate Training, and Management Consulting with a view to maximizing operational and personal leadership excellence. Coaching and Consulting can be arranged to take place in person, by phone, or on-line (through SKYPE.)

All services are delivered in consideration of organizational culture, audience/client diversity, and with a holistic approach. The result is facilitation of learning to context — whether in relation to business or life, or both.

Service offerings in coaching, workshops/presentations, and consulting include (but are not limited to) the following topics:

  • Managing stress, conflict, time, change, projects, multiple priorities, workload;
  • Optimizing focus, motivation, and commitment;
  • Cultivating confidence, patience, mindfulness, social and ethical responsibilities;
  • Unleashing self-awareness, insight, and perspective;
  • Leveraging strengths, talents, and capacities.

The potential results include maximization of:

  • Leadership legacy creation and sustainability;
  • Strategic planning and goal achievement;
  • Forward momentum;
  • Service excellence;
  • Sales/Marketing/Communication skills enhancement;
  • Alignment, connection, and congruence of behaviours with core values.

As a Licensed Trainer with Coaching Out of the Box®, Carolyn is qualified to deliver the 5/5/5 Coaching Skills Training Program™ which is designed specifically for leaders to quickly and easily acquire basic coaching skills.

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