Spirituality Centre for Life Engagement

Connecting Individuals & Couples To Celebration Of Life Moments

A significant part of Carolyn’s passion lies in her commitment to contribute to, and cultivate, the good and beautiful in this world.

This passion flows from her personal spirituality, reflected in her openness and non-judgement of all people as well as her respect of other’s spiritual and/or religious beliefs.


With the above in mind, and bringing her Diploma In Ministry to service, Carolyn created Morningstar Spirituality Centre, which focuses on helping people connect to and engage in celebrating life.

In the spirit of optimizing Life Engagement (celebrating and living life fully), Carolyn brings her background as a Professional Certified Coach in offering Life Skills Coaching.

Her inspirational and empowering messages within her blogs, articles and poems (which appear here)  flow from Carolyn’s natural talents as a Writer and Motivational Teacher.


Her Life Skills Coaching, Workshops and Writing can be of benefit to anyone wanting to enhance their personal potential, which includes (but is not limited to) people unsure about direction, health care professionals, and individuals dealing with health challenges, etc.

Within the wellness realm, Carolyn has been the Chairperson for several support groups including a 3-year term with a group comprised of individuals dealing with chronic as well as terminal illnesses, at Hotel Dieu Hospital in Kingston, ON.

Since 2015, she has been serving a 3-year term as an Advisory Council Member for the Centre for Studies in Primary Care (a research arm of the Department of Family Medicine) at Queen’s University in Kingston, ON.


Separate from the corporate business, Carolyn is a Licensed Wedding Officiant through the Province of Ontario, and with All Seasons Weddings.

Her strong public speaking background contributes to maximizing couple’s Wedding Engagement experience – ensuring their special day of celebration is optimized to be all it can be.

Carolyn offers Life Skills Coaching to help couples’ manage stress leading up to, and on, the wedding day.

And, as a Writer, she helps personalize wedding ceremonies.

See: https://allseasonsweddings.com/wedding-officiants/profile/carolyn-hamilton-kubywww.allseasonsweddings.com


Carolyn placed in the top 3 of the “Best Wedding Officiant” Category for the South-Eastern Ontario Wedding Officiant Awards (2015)

In the category of “Most Popular New Officiant”, with the global organization – Wedding Industry Experts Awards (2015),

Carolyn placed: 1st in the City of Kingston, Ontario; 2nd in Ontario; 3rd in Canada; and 4th World-wide.


Carolyn is in the process of authoring a self-help book for leaders to assist in maximizing individual potential and optimizing workplace engagement.

Watch for publication in 2018!

Future plans for Morningstar Spirituality Centre include incorporating a pod-cast – stay tuned!