Centre for Business, Leadership & Workplace Engagement & Wellness

Connecting Organizations To Maximized Excellence

Based on 15 years of leadership and entrepreneurship experience, services are provided with a view to maximizing business, leadership, workplace and organizational engagement.

Specialties include professional and personal Leadership Development, Team-Building and Employee Performance optimization.

Leadership Development

Executive Coaching and Corporate Training are offered with a view to facilitating self-awareness and maximizing potential of leaders at all levels in organizations and businesses.


Corporate Training is delivered to enhance diversity appreciation and increase team potential.

Employee Performance

Performance Coaching is given to help employees, at all levels of the organization, optimize individual performance.

Organizational Wellness

Personal and Organizational Health and Wellness are a core component of Carolyn’s core values in providing Executive Coaching to health care professionals and organizations.

Corporate Training Topics Include:

Mindfulness, Leadership Legacy; Conflict Management; Stress Management; Change Management; Time Management; Customer Service and Effective Communication Skills.

Carolyn is also a Licensed Trainer for Coaching Out of the Box®, which is a coaching skills program for leaders and organizations.

For More Info, visit: https://www.coachingoutofthebox.com/

Metrics Used Include:

  • Work Personality Index (WPI)® – Leadership as well as Development Reports.
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)® – Interpretive Report, Personal Impact Report and numerous others depending on requirement.
  • Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI)™.

Health and Wellness Offerings Include:

A significant part of Carolyn’s passion lies in her commitment to optimize and engage in personal and organizational health and wellness.

She has provided Corporate Training within several Ontario health care organizations and has provided Executive Coaching to health care professionals at various organizational levels.

Since 2015, Carolyn has been serving a 3-year term as an Advisory Council Member for the Centre for Studies in Primary Care (a research arm of the Department of Family Medicine) at Queen’s University in Kingston, ON.

Also within the health and wellness realm, Carolyn has been the Chairperson for several support groups including a 3-year term with a group comprised of individuals dealing with chronic as well as terminal illnesses, at Hotel Dieu Hospital in Kingston, ON.


Carolyn is in the process of authoring a self-help book for leaders to assist in maximizing individual potential and optimizing workplace engagement. Watch for publication!